My design manager ask me to show to our design team how we make design in Europe. I do not think I’m the best guy for that. Not because I made design with my feeling or I have my own style. No, it »s not that. I know as design teacher before in an art school and as former design student for ten years that the words we use to explain design process is important. You need to use the good words as the good moment. And for me, a foreigner in middle of nowhere in China, use my poor chinese to introduce design process, it’s very difficult.

Fortunately, with some tools as key words ( in chinese of course :-), sketches and post it. I’ll try to show them how I work.

Honestly, they saw me working , sticking Post it on the wall, taking photos, linking between them as a detective looking for evidences and they think it ‘s a good method. But I think it’s not. Until now I did it because it’s for me difficult to communicate with them. Because the key point of the design process is to work together.