Yesterday I went to Guangzhou Design Week I was really surprise about how so much people visit this show. I was ther with my young design team. It’s fresh design studio create by the government to make design in order to make range of products for marble industry. The studio is located in Guangdong area, in Yunfu, next to Guangzhou city.  It’s a really new studio with very young designer. I ‘m the only one foreigner, and the neighborhood is also new. So new that, most of the building are empty, waiting for people will decide to have a life in that place.

Even if sometimes it looks like a western desert, for designers it’s good place to have experience.

Most of designers of my team are young, they do not know a lot about design. So they spend a lot of time to look for ideas on Pinterest. If it was as before there is no problem about that. But now in China regards to the huge demand about design from millions of Chinese people. Companies need to be differentiate from each other. That why they are only not looking for new ideas but also new way of thinking and doing.

That ‘s why they hired me, to help them to create their way of design thinking.

It’s not so easy because because it needs time to change mindset. To change way of solving problem. It’s not like switch on the light. And in the same time they ask me to design new products.

How might I create tools that could help my team to change mindset? (Yes I know it sounds like IDEO courses 🙂

design-center001 design-center002

From Yunfu Innovation Design Center